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Sir Pierre Van Ryneveld High School Bursary Application

Information required for bursary application

A candidate is only eligible to apply for a school bursary if the following criteria are met:

  1. Both parents must be unemployed.  If unemployed, a sworn affidavit must be provided including a statement of unemployment and period of unemployment.
  2. If parents are employed but cannot afford to pay the prescribed school fees, a sworn affidavit by both parents must be provided explaining the family’s financial position, which include:
    • A statement, with documentary proof, including last payslips, pension and unemployment benefits.
    • Income from other sources:
      • Retirement Package
      • Retrenchment Package
      • Pension/s
      • Investments
      • Share dividends and the like
    • Details of reasonable monthly expenditure
      • Bond/Rent payments
      • Water & Electricity
      • Groceries/toiletries
      • Medical fees and costs
      • Transport costs
      • Excluded are: M-Net subscriptions, club memberships, magazine subscriptions and more than one telephone account.

A section 56 (application form) will only be provided once an appointment has been set with the Bursar. (